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What's On Your Monument? Does your property pass the drive-by test?

Studies show that the majority of prospective residents will not get out of their cars if they do not find your property's curb appeal attractive. Property enhancements like new monuments at the entrance can make an outdated community more relevant and appealing to renters or owners - and allow you to increase your starting rent or increase your bottom line. Every property is unique, and that individuality should come through in your brand messaging. We will create a true sense of arrival for your property, whether substantial or subtle, big or small...all customized to fit your budget.

You only get one chance to make a good impression.

Start at the curb. Be clear about what your community can give your prospect that they can't find anywhere else. People looking for a place to live want a positive and stress-free experience. They want to feel comfortable and 'at home' where they live. And they need to decide if a particular location is the right one for them - sometimes with limited information. Fortunately, much of what they need to know can be communicated from a quick glance. Don't let a dilapidated, old or broken monument be the reason that turns them away.

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